HDH mold release wax

€ 19,95

  • delivery time: 1-4 days | all EU countries

By using this wax, you can easily and beautifully release your concrete project from the mold.

  • invisible (no staining)
  • Perfect release of your concrete from the mold
  • Extending the life of the mold
  • no drying time needed for this wax, you can continue pouring concrete right away
  • nice smooth concrete result


Rub the wax with a microfibre cloth and then polish it out thoroughly so that no excess wax is left behind. Then pour the concrete into the mold.



Hebau Wabican

€ 12,95

  • 12,95 kg
  • delivery time: 1-4 days | all EU countries

Hebau Wabicon is a demolding fluid for concrete with high aesthetic values.

Liquid, so quick to apply to your mould

  • Faster mold removal
  • Invisible (no staining)
  • Extending the life of the mold
  • 15 minutes after application you can pour your concrete
  • Suitable for steel, wooden and plastic moulds, etc.
  • Sprayable

Use a microfibre cloth to  apply Wabicon in your mold. Then remove any excess Wabicon with a clean microfibre cloth. After 15 minutes, you can pour your concrete.



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