HDH IMPREG - All natural concrete coating

€ 37,95

  • delivery time: 1-4 days | all EU countries

This 100% natural impregnating agent has been specially developed for a durable, environmentally friendly and safe concrete finish. After a few treatments, the concrete is protected against stains and dirt. Because this is an impregnating agent, it's also extremely scratch-resistant.


This impregnator consists 100% natural components including beeswax and is therefore very suitable for protecting your concrete countertops.


High Design Holland IMPREG:

  • 100% natural
  • scratch-resistant
  • Colour intensifying
  • original concrete appearance is retained (no plastic coating)



Instruction treatment: fresh/cured concrete


Apply the HDH IMPREG generousely once a day for 3 days and let it soak in the concrete. Repeat once a week for the first few months and gradually reduce to 2 a 3 times a year.


Because the concrete is fed with s.a. the beeswax after each treatment, your concrete countertop is better protected each time you have treated the concrete.


Note: this product is color-intensifying . The use of this product will therefore make the concrete a shade darker. 


To be used at room temperature.


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