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HDH Cure - Acrylic polymer

HDH Cure is an acrylic polymer consisting 50% solids. Arcylic polymer is an important ingredient for making GFRC concrete. HDH Cure keeps the water in the concrete after demoulding. This allows the project to be demoulded after only 12 to 48 hours. After mold removal, the strength development continues because HDH Cure retains the water inside your concrete countertop.


It also reduces the shrinkage of the concrete, act as an defoamer and increases its strength. Suitable for use with both white and grey cement. Consult our concrete calculator for an ideal mix formula.


Recommended polymer content is 2% to 7% polymer solids relative to the weight of dry cement.



This polymer is 50% solid, so 25 kilos of cement would need 0.5 kilos to 1.75 kilos of polymer. This is 1 litre to 3.5 litre HDH Cure.

HDH SP superplastisizer

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HDH SP is a new generation/thirth generation superplasticizer for the production of ultra-high-performance, wet-cast and GFRC/GRC concrete.


With this superplasticizer you can reduce the water/cementratio extremely. This has a positive effect on the strength of the concrete. 


In addition to lowering the water/cementratio, this superplasticizer makes sure that, the:  

  • Concrete flows level into the mold
  • Concrete has better pigment dispersion
  • The pressure and tensile strength increases

Recommended dosage
Maximum 1% of the total cement weight. Do not overdose.


Microsilica white

€ 17,95

Microsilica | Silica fume

This white microslica is a mineral admixture composed of very fine, solid, glass-like spheres of silica. Most microsilica particles have a diameter of less than 1 micron (0.0004 inches), which is 50 to 100 times finer than average cement.


It is often called 'fumed silica' or "silica fume". Microsilica increases the strength of the concrete and makes it more resistant to external influences. 


replace 5% to 10% of your cement with microsilica.


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