How to protect a concrete countertop from stains?

How to protect a concrete countertop from stains? Should you impregnate or use a sealant? We'll explain!


Finishing and protecting a concrete countertop or table is very important. Because concrete itself is stain-sensitive, an impregnator, coating or sealant is a must have for preserving your design concrete. There are a number of factors to take into account before making a choice between concrete impregnation or a sealant/coating. Below we explain the benefits of each product.


Concrete impregnation:

An impregnator penetrates the concrete. This has the advantage that no layer remains on the concrete like a sealant. The concrete therefore retains its characteristics but is sensitive to stains. With an impregnator, you always need to ensure that stains from things like coffee and red wine are removed as quickly as possible.


Concrete sealant:

With a sealant, also called concrete coating, we mean a 2 component polyurethane coating. This is a very strong and scratch-resistant coating. The main advantage of this coating is that your concrete is best protected against stains. Olive oil and red wine, for example, can lie on it for a day without causing a stain in the concrete. This can be seen in the video at the bottom of this page. After applying a sealant, there is a very thin layer on the concrete which makes the concrete feel slightly different than with an impregnator. COSMO 2C PU has the added advantage that it is virtually invisible. We finish the concrete furniture we make with one of the products below.

CONCRETE SEALANT: COSMO 2 components PU-design concrete sealant
The COSMO PU sealant is a strong 2-component, UV resistant PU sealant/coating. You first apply 1 layer of COSMO PRIMER and on top of that 3 layers of COSMO 2C PU. Starter kits are available on our website containing everything you need: COSMO 2C PU, COSMO PRIMER, instructions for use, rollers and a scale to weigh the quantities accurately. COSMO is a water-based sealant and therefore low odor during application. COSMO is also scratch and stain resistant, food safe when cured and ideal for intensive use.


CONCRETE IMPREGNATION: High Design Holland impregnation

The HDH Impreg is an impregnation using beeswax and other natural, plant-based, raw materials. Ideal to treat your concrete countertop, dining table or outdoor kitchen. HDH Impregnation gives a colour-deepening effect to your concrete, a so-called 'wet look'. Because of the colour deepening effect you can colour dark gray concrete almost black. This can be seen in one of our first blogs. HDH Impreg is easy to apply with a microfiber cloth and needs to be repeated regularly. HDH Impreg is on a completely natural basis (solvent-free) and therefore has no unpleasant odor during application.


Hebau's impregnator, Colortec Max, is Hebau's most widely used coating for designer concrete. The great advantage of this product is that it is 100% invisible and very easy to apply. It has also been tested as "safe for contact with food", so it's good for dining tables and kitchen worktops. As extra protection on top of the Colortec Max, you use a layer of Hebau Prowall II. This product has also been tested as safe for contact with food and offers good protection against oil and fat products.


Colortec Max is applied with a microfiber cloth and a roller. Apply it generously and allow the concrete to absorb plenty of product. Let it dry for 24 hours and then apply Prowall II. For Prowall II, use a microfiber cloth and apply a thin layer. Prowall II should be repeated every six months.

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